About Us


Royal Brompton Hospital has an international reputation for its expertise, world class care and its treatment of heart and lung diseases. Its highly skilled clinicians offer sophisticated treatment and diagnostic procedures and as a national referral centre it performs complex surgery for some of the most seriously ill children in the UK who cannot be treated in general hospitals.

The Brompton Fountain is the children’s charity at Royal Brompton Hospital – supporting cardiac, respiratory and critical care. Our charity works closely with the teams within the paediatric intensive care unit, high dependency unit, children's ward, play services, family liaison and wider, multidisciplinary departments.

We provide a wide range of vital resources, fund medical equipment, accommodation, parent / carer amenities, improvements to the hospital facilities and projects and services to support young patients and their families which are not funded by the NHS.

Many of our patients have life limiting conditions and will require frequent admissions and often long stays in hospital for surgery and on-going treatment throughout their lives. We ensure that our patients who are undergoing lifesaving heart surgery and invasive procedures have access to the latest medical equipment and specialist resources to enhance the care they receive, aid their recovery, and promote wellbeing.